Remake Policy

At Blingo.Dental, we're dedicated to delivering the best zirconia crowns at the most affordable prices. And while this commitment to low pricing helps your practice, it also puts us in a delicate position.

We are not a big company. We don’t have huge profit margins. We work on an economical pricing fee while using the best possible products. Because of this, we cannot offer free remakes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you out.

  • All remakes—regardless of the reason—will cost only $19.99 per crown.

This helps us stay in business while helping out yours.

  • To create a remake, just log into your account, click on the order you want to remake and file a return.
  • Once we receive the notification, we will approve the action and send you an invoice for the new charge while also getting started on the remake. 

Helping your dental practice with time and cost is our goal, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Thank you!