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Layered Zirconia

Layered Zirconia

Introducing our premium Blingo HT Porcelain-Layered Zirconia Dental Crown, the perfect fusion of strength, aesthetics, and natural appearance. Crafted from high-quality HT+ Multilayer pre-tinted discs, these crowns offer unmatched resilience and precise color matching, expertly replicating the natural gradation of dentin and enamel without visible layering.

Available in 16 VITA classic hues and 3 bleaching shades, our dental crowns are crafted with a translucent porcelain incisal layer that meticulously enhances the beauty of its natural appearance.

Choose Blingo HT Porcelain-Layered Zirconia Dental Crowns for the ultimate blend of form and function in dental restorations.

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